I don’t want this first post to be a bummer. I don’t want to bum myself out when I eventually re-read this. I don’t want to bum out anyone who might happen to find this post. See, one of the things I believe with all my heart is that the attitude of the people you surround yourself with- as well as your own attitude- totally influence your mind, body, and soul. I try my hardest to choose to be positive on a daily basis. With that being said, and considering that this blog is all about being honest with myself, I have to write a little bit of a bummer paragraph (or two).

A couple of days ago, one of my good friends posted on Facebook that she was heartbroken because her friend’s 3 year old daughter had passed away the night before. I have never met this friend or her little girl, but upon hearing this news, I instantly felt pain in my chest- like someone had hit me as hard as they could. It turned out that she was infected with the E. coli and withn a week, her body shut down. Having a young daughter myself certainly made this news hit home. Giuliana just turned one and I was crying right along with her when she got her shots at her last doctor appointment, so I cannot even imagine the pain and heartache that this poor woman and her family are facing right now and I cannot get this family out of my mind.

Yesterday, I got word that my former principal at the school I taught at a couple of years ago is on life support. He had been feeling sick, checked himself into the hospital. They diagnosed him with cancer and sent him to get a second opinion. His second opinion told him that no, it’s not cancer, but they have no idea what it is. That was six weeks ago that he had checked into the hospital and his health has steadily declined since.

Here are two otherwise healthy, innocent people. Not necessarily friends or even acquaintances of mine. But close enough to make me re-evaluate my lifestyle. That could have been my daughter. That could be me. What’s to keep one person from getting sick over another person? It’s humiliatingly cliche, but life is short and it’s so precious. It’s kind of like a tornado… you know how the path can be so unpredictable that it will hit one house but leave the two on either side of it perfectly unharmed? You never know if your house will be the one that’s hit or the one that remains unscathed.

It’s both comforting and scary as hell to know that our life and death isn’t necessarily up to us. Obviously, we can make tweaks like eating right, exercising, wearing sunscreen, not texting while driving- the list goes on and on.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take my health for granted. I’ve never had any kind of surgery, or even so much as a broken bone. I’ve always been athletic, and although I’ve never been “skinny” I’ve always been pretty fit. Since G was born last year though, I’ve let myself go a little bit. I’ve had less time, I’ve been more tired. The usual excuses. it’s time to turn it all around. I need to be healthy for my husband and my daughter. I need to set a good example for my students. And most of all, I need to be my best for me. You only get one shot at this life. So let’s get this started!

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